Vigil Education

"Working with my tutor was a great learning experience. He taught me that the SAT is not just a test of knowledge, but also one of preparation. He also taught me test taking strategies. Without these strategies I do not believe I could have done as well on my test. Working with him was well worth my time."
Stacy, Senior, Greater Atlanta Christian School

"My tutor has taken me from horribly organized and poorly planned papers that received B's and C's in my Emory writing classes to A's in almost all of my writing assignments. Now I am the student who receives 'Excellent work!' 'Well thought out,' and 'Can't wait to read more!' comments from my professors. My tutor helped me become a better, more confident writer by working with me one on one until I understood why and how I should change my writings. Thank you!"
Hilary, Sophomore, Chemistry Major, Emory University

"Thank you, Tom did an amazing job with Rachael. He was incredibly prepared and always very professional. We have always been so pleased with your tutors! Thanks again for providing an invaluable service to Atlanta parents and their children!!"
Eric, Parent of a Junior, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

“Val thought the tutor was very good. Thanks.”
Brian, Sponsor of a Junior, Georgia Perimeter College

“Aaron is an excellent tutor and he is really helping Desirae.”
Deborah, Parent of a Junior, Chamblee High School

“Thanks and all is well with our tutor. My kids enjoy the experience and there is definitely progress in their quality of work and understanding of the subject matter.”
Ann-Marie, Parent of a 5th Grader and 3rd Grader, Woodward Academy

“Thank you so much. Our tutor is fabulous, my daughter relates very well and he is very comprehensive. It is going wonderful.”
Tanya, Parent of a 7th Grader, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

“Alicia is doing a wonderful job with Gray, they work very well together. She knows the material well and has the scheduling flexibility to work perfectly with this family. We are completely satisfied with the job she is doing.”
Debra, Parent of a 5th Grader, Holy Spirit Prep School

“Jonathan did a great job. Paige enjoyed working with him and he really knew the subject matter.”
Janey, Parent of a Sophomore, Galloway School

“Thank you for the high quality tutoring that I received from Ms. Smith. She did an excellent job.”
Kathy, Graduate Student, Walden University

“Alicia was great with Erica. She was able to get through a good quantity of material and help her understand it more comprehensively.”
Tonya, Parent of a Sophomore, Holy Innocents Episcopal School

"I'm grateful to Atlanta tutors for the help that I received from them. I just completed my first semester of graduate school. I received my bachelors degree just over ten years ago, so you can imagine that when it came time to write, I was feeling a bit rusty. I'm really pleased with the grades I received on my papers and the final grade in the course. I don't believe the outcome would have been the same if wasn't for the excellent, high caliber instruction that I received from my tutor. Thanks and I'll be needing you next semester!"
Brooks, First Year Graduate Student, Graduate Theological Union

"Thank you so much for your help in setting up the tutoring for Joey and Alicia. He enjoyed working with her and said that she was very helpful and encouraging."
Terry, Parent of a Student at Gainesville State College

"I learned to tackle questions on the SAT faster and more effectively. On the Reading section, the “positive and negative” technique was great. Overall, my reading and writing score improved greatly, so I should say that he is a great teacher. I learned a lot about the SAT."
Earl, Senior, Northview High

“John is wonderful, and my son seems to be responding well...Thank you for making this so easy."
Amy, Parent of a Junior, Grady High School

"My teacher had a strong understanding of the material. He showed a great interest in what I learned, and he really worked to prepare me for my exams."
James, Sophomore, Mathematics and Physics Double Major, Emory University

"I think that my tutor was an excellent tutor. He was very organized and attentively answered my questions. He really seemed to care."
Freshman, Emory University

"My tutor was a smart guy and a goodhearted SAT teacher who knows how to deal with the main problems that students struggle with."
J.B., Junior, Centennial High

"My tutor was really nice. He always made me feel comfortable, and I learned a lot about how to write the SAT essay."
Haejin, Junior, Northview High

"I received help with an American History class at Emory University. My tutor had a clear and effective way of mapping out and explaining concepts. Aside from academics, I found him very approachable and friendly. Overall, a very effective and concerned educator."
Natanya, Sophomore, History Major, Emory University

"My tutor was extremely helpful. He assisted my in preparing for my exams and was willing to answer any questions I had at any time."
Junior, Emory University

"I learned many things, and the SAT tutoring helped me to improve my English skills. "
Taek Min, Senior, Northview High